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Sydney’s owners are moving and can’t take her with them. Sydney was one of our rescued dogs and we are trying to find her a good home. 

And Bo is still looking for a forever home.

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Boomer Scare Yesterday

Boomer, our foster Lab, saw the vet yesterday to get fluid drained from her chest cavity. This is the 2nd time for Boomer to have this procedure done. Because of the short time frame from her last drain, there was talk that his could be cancer and her human Dad had to consider euthanizing her. 

Boomer’s foster mom was devastated to hear this news and left work to be with Boomer.

When she arrived, Boomer’s Dad decided not to euthanize and to go ahead and drain fluid instead.  The vet was able to drain more fluid than the last round  and also from her abdomen.  Foster mom, Sonal, said Boomer was already feeling so much better.  This was great news!  Next step is to do tests to find out what is causing the fluid build up in those areas.  Boomer was not ready to give in and we were not ready to give up.  In fact, she was jumping and running around as if she was younger when she arrived “home”. 

 We see Boomer’s Dad struggling with his own health issues and Boomer is doing the same.  As fosters,we invest ourselves emotionally with these dogs (and patients).  It’s what we do and it’s worth it to us to help.

The saying “saving one dog will not change the world, but for that one dog, the world will be forever changed” is especially true in this case…for both Boomer and her ill dad.  Please send healing energy their way.

 [If you would like to help in Boomer’s care, please visit her link: ]