Looking for 1 more foster…

Happy Friday, All!

We have all 3 chihuahuas but do need one more foster for one of the males.  Sonal has both right now and needs help.  We don’t have a specific end date yet since the patient is in ICU.  Please PM me or if you don’t mind, share on your wall. 

Thank you to Amanda Ferrara and Sonal Collins for helping this patient.

On another patient we are helping – she had heart surgery and I was able to visit with her yesterday.  She is so grateful to us for taking in her Shih Tzu boy.  Learning about her 8 heart surgeries and losing her job because of it was very sad.  It was a huge eye opener for me knowing that some of the dogs we had rescued, were in the shelter because the owner had no one to help them.  For me, meeting the patients and hearing their stories validates our new mission.  I also visited the cancer center yesterday and saw so many patients.  I offered our services to the center at Evergreen and they were excited to hear about us.  I can’t imagine not having anyone to take care of my pack when my MS is acting up.  I’m blessed to have the family and support system that I have.



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